October 2023 Newsletter

  • Moon-kaskatinawipīsim “The Freezing-Up Moon”

          Kaskatinaw-freeze up. The earth starts to get cold, eventually the land freezes up.

  • Virtue: Nanāskamōwin>Thankfulness
  • Remember that flu season is upon us. If your child is coming to school with any symptoms of an illness, they will be required to go home. We have to keep everyone safe in our school. Please DO NOT send your child to school if they are sick.
  • Please send your child with an extra pair of clothing and inside shoes. Our little ones tend to have accidents on the playground or in the classroom. Sending an extra pair of clothes will prevent us calling home for clothes. Inside shoes are crucial for students as we do have fire drills.
  • Our Pre-Kindergarten children need to bring the following to school:
    • Pillow and blanket for naptime,
    • Change of clothing and inside shoes.
  • Parents, we need your help! Before you send off your child each day, remind them of classroom, bus and playground rules.
  • Our concession is up and running! We sell lunch juices, yogurt tubes, yoplait, mini cookies, hot rods, cheese sticks, cheese & crackers, pocky sticks and popcorn. There are numerous items. Too many to mention. All items are less than $2. On payday Fridays and money days, we sell sno-cones: $2 for 1 color and $3 for 2 colors. You can also buy a concession card. Etransfers can be sent to Mrs. Eleanor Sparvier @ e.pahtayken@hotmail.com. All proceeds raised through concession will go to our year end awards. Thank you for your support families. If you have any questions, you can call Eleanor or Vivian at 306-344-4488.
  • Please see our attached calendar for our important dates in October. October is going to be a very busy month! Before we know it, Christmas will be here. If you have any questions about any of the events, please call the school and we can help you.