Pewasenakwan Primary

Welcome to Pewasenakwan Primary School

Our mission at Pewasenakwan Primary School is to provide a caring environment developing the qualities of self-esteem, identity, creative thinking, a love for learning and respect for self and others realizing that quality education is an individual life-long process involving physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social development to produce happy, responsible citizens.

School Motto:

At Pewasenakwan we will do our best every day.

School Pledge:

I will do my best because Education is for Me, My Family, My Community and My First Nation.

Nika-akamēyimon tahto-kīsikaw osām ni-kiskinwamasowin ōma ōci niya ni-nikīhikwak, nīcisanak, ni-taskisnan ēkwa ni-nīci-nēhiyawak.

School Morning Song

Pēwasenakwan oma Miyo kīsikanisitan.
Pēwasenakwan ēkwa Kwayas pimotētan
Kwayas atoskētan Miyowicētotan
Pēwasenakwan oma
A new dawn is here.
Let’s have a good day. A new day is here.
Let’s take the right path. Let’s make the day worthwhile.
Let’s get along. A new day is here